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About Scottish Left Review

The Scottish Left Review was established in 2000 by Jimmy Reid and others. It is a bi-monthly magazine that seeks to provide a focal point for thought and discussion for the Scottish left. It is a non-party, not for profit publication, drawing on the left of party and no-party affiliations throughout Scotland. It aims to provide a forum for those on the left of all parties and none.

In 2006, Scottish Left Review established the Scottish Left Review Press – which has published the best-selling ‘Is there a Scottish road to socialism?’ edited collection – and in 2011 it also established the Jimmy Reid Foundation.

Throughout an often difficult and challenging time for left politics in Scotland, the magazine has continued to hold true to its historical mission of acting as a respectful and rigorous forum for debate and discussion across the left with a view to espousing progressive politics and mapping out strategies to achieve them.

The magazine survives through a combination of pay for subscriptions for the hard copy of the magazine, advertising from unions and progressive organisation and donations from readers and supporters. As Scottish Left Review is free online, please consider giving a donation.