Editorial Matters

Editorial Board

The editorial board of Scottish Left Review consists of:
Cailean Gallagher (Editor)
Pat Kelly (Chair)
Bob Thomson (Vice Chair)
Bill Bonnar
Maggie Chapman
Carol Ewart
Dexter Govan
Bill Ramsay
Lilian Macer
Carol Mochan
Gordon Morgan
Rosa Salih
Dave Sherry
Stephen Smellie
Chris Stephens

Members serve a three-year term and are eligible for re-appointment.

Submitting an Article

If you wish to submit an article, review a book or suggest a theme, please contact the editor, Cailean Gallagher with a brief outline, providing details of the proposal and its rationale. Although our focus is primarily on politics in Scotland, we do regularly publish articles and book reviews on issues of interest to the left which do not focus exclusively on Scotland.

We tend to require an image/logo to go with your article. This should be no smaller than (though can exceed) 10cm x 10cm at 300dpi. It can be any dimension though the height of the image should be no less than 50% of the width so that it will show up well on our homepage.

Editorial Policy

As the Scottish Left Review seeks to provide a focal point for thought and discussion across the Scottish left, the policy of the editorial board is to publish content which helps develop a consensual radical left agenda. Consequently, there is no editorial line, other than we will not publish material which is uncritical, racist, sexist or homophobic. For example, on the issue of Scottish independence we took no position and opened up our pages to challenging and intelligent arguments from both sides of the debate.( Board members were active for and against in a personal capacity) Each meeting of the editorial board decides what the theme of the forthcoming issue as well as what off-theme articles will be.

Editorial Comment

The editorial comment in each issue is the responsibility of the editor, in conjunction with the chair and vice chair of the editorial board. Comment and feedback on this is welcome – see below.


As we do not use an on-line comments section for each article, we encourage readers, subscribers and supporters to contact the editor, Cailean Gallagher. This can take the form of a letter or comment on previous content to be published in a forthcoming issue (500 words maximum) or an email to convey opinions that are not intended for publication. Please make clear which category your feedback falls into.


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